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Awakening the power of your heart - The path to a higher consciousness
Deep inside each one of us is the power of our heart. We are holding the key to knowledge of the past, present and future. Together we are learning, or more exactly remembering how to “unlock the gate” to our heart. People have a hard time accessing this information and knowledge due to emotional traumas. Through the meditations, exercises and techniques brought to us by Drunvalo Melchizedek ( we will work on the heeling process of emotional traumas, finding a way back into the heart. The heart is holding the key to all knowledge. Creating from the heart in UNITY brings us into a level of consciousness. HOW IT WOULD BE TO CREATE IN EVERY MOMENT YOUR OWN REALITY? How would this change your life? Remembering we are ONE, all connected in the same consciousness, is the power we all need during the Ascension Process as we shift from the 3rd dimension into higher dimensions. Come and join us in our quest for Truth, Peace, Light, Harmony, Love and Trust with Reverence for ALL. Love and Light, In ONE SPIRIT. Michelle

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan · New York, NY