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Manna: 'The People's Currency' Universal Basic Income + Blockchain Please join for interested in digital currency with a humanitarian mission. Manna is the first American charity based crypto currency designed as an Universal Basic Income and direct charity giving platform. Our future economy and livelihoods are in trouble. Today's economy is full of injustice and wealth disparity. Billions of people live in poverty all around the world struggling to find dignity. And technological automation threatens to displace huge amounts of human labor in the workforce. We would like the opportunity to share our mission This will be an informational session. Topics will include: the Manna mission and internet platform with almost 200,000 users in the early phases of release. And fundamentals, basic income, direct charity giving, bridging income gaps, and the Manna blockchain. Come ready to discover possibilities and talk about solutions.

Checkout https://www.mannabase.com/

And https://www.peoplescurrency.org/


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