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Girls united in the pursuit of purpose.

---The Daydream Collective is a network birthed out of the online magazine Pursuit of Daydreams, a medium for women passionately pursuing their purpose. We want to fellowship with like-minded women who are ambitious about their dreams—to cultivate a platform and a community in which women with a dream can come together to support and build with each other. Let's work together on turning those daydreams into a reality!

We are each on a journey towards purposeful living, and even though it is not the easiest journey, it is always a worthwhile one. While you navigate that journey, we are here to celebrate the inevitable ups and encourage you through the inevitable downs. We want to embark on that road less traveled as a unified force, on the premise that there is strength in numbers.

Whatever you are in pursuit of, we do not discriminate! Whether you are an artist or artisan, a professional or a hobbyist, navigating entrepreneurship or climbing the corporate ladder, we want to unite on one common premise: Purpose.

We look forward to connecting on all planes of passion, whether career oriented or otherwise. Literature, travel, culture, fashion, film, anything that sparks that light in your eyes.

From simple conversation to informative workshops, The Daydream Collective will be a safe haven for your dreams in a world that tries its best to stamp them out.

Future meetups will include workshops, retreats, and seminars.

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