What we're about

District 3 is an innovation hub in Montreal bringing together key players from corporations, government, research, and academia to ensure every innovator and entrepreneur has access to the resources they need to move from idea to impact.

We want to engage the Montreal entrepreneurial and innovation community by offering events and workshops that can accelerate your learning, develop a toolkit of skills and grow your network within the Montreal ecosystem.

Who should join? We are open to everyone!

Why should you join? You'll become part of a vibrant and welcoming community, that supports and encourages one another’s project through peer-to-peer feedback, and collaboration. You will be surrounded by individuals who are just as driven as you are and will end up meeting a variety of different people who will help you grow your network.

What can you expect? We host a variety of events and workshops and you can expect to see a different range.

Past events (73)

Demystifying Social Innovation Business Models

District 3 Innovation Center

La Charrette: Art+Tech

La Factry

Scientific Entrepreneurship Info Session: Bring your Research to Market

District 3 Innovation Center

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