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The Music Mix is all about music & possibilities. A newly forming group, come hang, chat, lets see what we can share, create, Learn & Do....

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Want to quickly learn how to play your favorite songs on Piano or Keyboard individually or in small online group lessons. It is so simple! If you can count 1 through 8 you can play piano. ( see below for details ) Group Beginners on Thursdays ( contact me first for scheduling ) Regular Groups on Fridays.

Interested in and Learning Synthesizer, Recording Your Own Songs. Need a Rehearsal Or Piano / Keyboardist Accompanist? For Fun ...

Would you like to Jam? Me to! With Other Mostly Proficient Musicians.

So The plan is to divide up the different interests of people and schedule different online events to suit.

Looking to record an original so I can help with that too. I Have a high quality work station recording studio.

Need a rehearsal Pianist online or in the real world? Contact me

Singers, Need an Accompanist for Performance? I read music also can play by ear. I have thousands of songs in music book form & play many styles! Contact me

Looking for a live Jam .. when we get through this social isolation we can create that.

Looking for Live Ent please enquire...

A little about myself, I have been playing forever..... I play piano / keyboards / Synth & piano accordion ( not so often )I Play 88 note Electric Acoustic & a Korg 61 note 32 Track Workstation, i also use a compact ( big sounding when needed ) Sound system.

I Have been a product specialist for a major brand keyboard company & headed up a full service music store keyboard dept. for 7 years.

I Have played thousands of gigs around the world & do some singing too

Group Piano Lessons. The 1st 2 Group Piano lessons are free & limited to 5 attentive participants! The quality of the experience for you & all is dependent on your best attention skills so please bring this quality to the meetup, thanks. Afterwards the 2 free group lessons the group lessons are $20 for 1.5 hours per person maximum 5 participants.

Individual Piano Lessons are $60 per hour or $15 per quarter hour ( 30 minute minimum ) .. by appointment only. The same pricing applies to recording, rehearsals, accompaniment. Location can effect cost due to time & travel.This is a mixed bag of possibilities. Please message me with your interest & We can plan to speak in person....

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