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Corporate life is a relatively new stage in cultural revolution.  Based on healthcare costs, cost of sick pay, and disability costs, you could conclude that we humans are novices at it and have much to learn.  As a result many people live stressful lives and burn out.  However, it does not have to be that way.

Whether your are a manager or someone being managed there are many things you can do to de-stress your environment, increase satisfaction, and overall productivity.

Anyone interested in staying healthy while excelling at work or in any other environment this group will host discussions and workshops on best practices for lifestyle and work style.  Topics discussed will parallel my recently published booked and include an overview of evolution and what humans are "equipped" to do naturally; how to diminish effects of negative emotions causing stress; how to cultivate positive emotions and outlooks, dieting for optimal health, healing and longevity; time management; communication skills; staying organized; cultivating and maintaining passion; cultivating your inner genius; preparing for and managing change; and overall maintaining a positive and winning attitude.  Other topics will be introduced as relevant to ongoing discussions.

This group is for anyone who feels work life is too stressful and is diminishing their health and quality of life.  Those who simply wish to increase their productivity and maintain a greater sense of wellness will also find this group rewarding.  If you feel your office lacks soul and has no spiritual fiber, you may find your answers in this group.

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