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As women, we carry A LOT on our plates and along with our heavy loads and jam-packed schedules, we often forget about the importance of OUR HEALTH. Not just our physical health, but when is the last time you focused on your outlook on life (mental health) and how about your faith (spiritual health)??

Did you know that most women are unaware of the importance of your mind, body, & soul working together in sync? When one is out of balance, another area will overcompensate which leads to inflammation. This inflammation not only leads to physical health issues but can also lead to changing our overall perspective through negativity from the build-up of overwhelm, confusion, frustration, etc. The good news is we can balance all three and get you feeling like yourself again.

Facilitated by Kelli Michele (http://www.kellimichele.com), Founder of Living Faith First & Christian Wellness Educator and Author of "Her Growth With God (http://www.kellimichele.com/daily-devotional-her-growth-with-god/)" devotional, together, we will sit back, relax and enjoy creating your new lifestyle, together!

Eager to learn more about your health based upon Biblical principles? Whether you're interested in learning more about your health and how to be the best version of you, or you're needing a boost of inspiration, join us and get your health on track.

This group is for Christian women who want to learn more about balancing their health (mind, body, & soul).

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