What we're about

The way people work is changing.
We are ready to say goodbye to the nine to five and neckties.
People want to work how, where, when and with whom they please… that we have a choice. We believe in being masters of our own destiny.
We are ready to build things that we are passionate about and proud of. Not just for a paycheck, but to make a dent in the universe.
We believe in working on things that have value and benefit others.
We believe in knocking down cubicle walls and building up communities.
We believe in providing a service that improves others quality of life.
We work hard, so you can work for yourself.
We are motivated by the success of others.
We believe in building relationships, in learning, sharing knowledge, and working with one another.
We will change the way the world works.

Come do it with us…


CommonCreatives is a social working network™.
We’re dedicated to helping others create working relationships, get freelance work, learn and work together.

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CoCreate 2018 Hackathon

DevMountain - Salt Lake City Campus

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