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Hello BIT. Yes, if you are African American/Black and you are in or interested in technology, and somewhat of an armchair or real activist, then this meetup group is directed at you. You are BIT #01, as they say in the Matrix. If you are not any of these then still feel free to join if you are interested. We are an open and friendly group to all. Just be ready to have fun, join in, be proactive and ready to tackle African American issues with TECH!!!

BIT is an open group dedicated to bringing IT minded people together to try to solve challenges, innovate and build a collective overall around African Americans using tech. How can we fix, improve, enhance or build knowledge around issues of daily life, education, employment, and economics in the African American community using tech?

Here are some ideas for meeting topics and issues to tackle up front:

***How can we bring our HBCUs together to build a better economy around our technical students building teams of market producers and innovators?

***How can we help our African American men and women break free from the prison systems using tech?

***What hard problems can we help solve in our communities to help build our businesses up to compete?

***What can we do to better protect our legal rights to content we develop for music, video and other traditionally lucrative industries for African Americans hit by piracy?

Here are the type of folks we need help from in challenging these issues:
***Legals In Tech
***Software Programmers
***Cyber Security Architects
***Behavioral Scientists in Tech
***Music,Video and Entertainment Industry Techs/Execs/Support
***Web Architecture/Design
***Law Enforcement Experts
***Users/General Community of Interested folks

If you are the type of person that wakes up thinking about these sorts of issues, then you are definitely the right person to help this group be the best it can be. If you are not thinking about these issues, but see a way to help using your vast experience in IT, business, law, or entrepreneurship, then you are also definitely a great future member of this group. If you cant figure out what to do to get into tech, but have many questions about how then you are the prime target for this group's purpose. Don't be shy, sign up to join. Your enthusiasm, hard work and dedication to the group may be all we need to get started.

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