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The main intention of creating this group is to empower people with the formula which was followed by the successful people in today’s world such as Jack Ma, Bill Gates and many others

All the Successful Entrepreneur’s in today’s world only followed few things in common which led to their huge success and the same will be discussed one to one.

Have you ever wondered why Rich is becomes Richer day by day and Poor is becoming poorer day by day and majority of them i.e. middle class are remaining at the same place?

Why do you think no one in this world has ever become rich by just doing a desk job for 40 years or a small business owner who owns a small shop for more than 40 years?

Instead of knowing the fact that working for 40 years in a job, no one can lead a life of peace & freedom why 99% people of today’s world are still working and expecting their lives will be good?

What stops a Mediocre Person from having the right mindset to become successful ?

Why most of them in today’s world wants to start a business but majority of them don’t and even a small % of People who start collapse in the very first year?

The same questions hunted me many a years back and by meeting few successful people finally my questions were answered and I got the exact same formula which all the successful people followed to become successful and I implemented the same in my own business couple of years back and today living a life which 99% people don’t live :)

Are you in search of the same answers? Are you eager to know what’s the exact formula to success, then this would be the right platform to interact

Rules of the Group:

· People who want to join the group and just time-pass around kindly stay away.

· Meetup's in this group once planned will start on time and finish on time


Once a famous entrepreneur said:
If you’re not making money while you’re sleeping then you’re not doing anything at all
My Version of it:
If you’re not making money while you’re sleeping then you need to keep working for money until you sleep

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