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I specifically wanted to make this group for breaking down astrological birth charts for those that could use more info/ fellow astrologers but I feel it goes much deeper than that! I want to connect with fellow women, (people) especially other WOC that want to unify, grow, build substance creatively, and heal with one another on a health based level. The group is inclusive for ALL creeds & RESPECT for others and their differences is a requirement (no exceptions.) I am very adamant on holding space that advocates representation, perspective, intersection, inclusivity, and diversity. Having an open mind is not only a beautiful trait, but builds character and helps with personal growth.

I’d like to develop a group with fellow makers, where we can cook dinners at one another’s place ever so often, do sound baths, tarot readings, go on hikes, meditation, beach dates, start a book together and discuss, maybe plan a getaway where we could all contribute and bring some crafts, explore, volunteer, start something that can help our community. A SISTERHOOD / group.

My Instagram is @polaris.rising
Contact me if this resonates with you.

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