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User group for people developing projects with Epic's Unreal Engine 4.

(When I searched Meetup for Unreal Engine, it didn't show that there was an existing game dev group. Though that one doesn't look very active at the moment, and seems to have a focus on producing projects as a group.) I find Unreal remarkably vast in the range of what it can do, and there are entire sections of it that I haven't even touched yet. The hope here is that by having a user group all trying to achieve different things with the engine, we will each have a range of competencies that can be shared, allowing us to discover new possibilities, new ways of doing things, and ideally make progress on our own work faster through collective intelligence. Find a way to do something cool? Share it. Struggling with how to do something? Present the challenge to the group, maybe we can help figure it out...

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Unreal Engine First Meeting - Redux

OpenFlame Office

Unreal Engine First Meeting

OpenFlame Office

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