What we're about

Are you a Business Owner or Business Leader?

Want to maximize your business potential?

Curious about website engagement, lead generation, social media, blogging, SEM, SMM.... or one of the other highly used terms floating around out there?

Interested in learning, sharing and collaborating with others in the community about how to maximize your digital footprint?

This group is intended to explore a vast array of topics based around how your business, your customer and how you interact with one another to best serve one another. The world is changing very quickly - and we feel a sense of responsibility to help you stay informed AND take action!

There will be 4 main undertones amongst our content:

1 - Opportunity is knocking! - We'll do our very best to help you understand that right now the amount of opportunities are nothing short of staggering!

2 - The time is NOW! - The percentage of businesses in North Dakota that have a rock solid plan to not only crush their goals but to also stay relevant for the next 1-3 years is very low! Taking action now can help you get ahead (and stay ahead) easier than you think!

3 - Execution is easier now than ever! - Understanding all of the mumbo jumbo required to take action can be paralyzing! Thankfully there are resources and tools to help declutter the mess so you can focus on your business!

4 - Good times! - Life is too short! We want to have fun and hope you do the same! Bring a smile and come prepared to engage and learn!

We run a small local digital agency that specializes in working with businesses nationwide that have a desire to put their flag in the ground and take advantage of the abundant times that we live in. We offer a wide variety of digital services that have allowed us to be involved in some truly incredible businesses and impact thousands of people.

Prior to running our agency, we built our own business. We began our entrepreneurial journey by working in the trenches as practitioners in our craft and eventually growing our business and team to over 20 people and nearly $20M per year in sales. All of which took place due to leading our business in a way that, in hindsight, was founded around a forward thinking execution of digital marketing.

Now we help our former selves by putting ourselves in their shoes and creating an environment where the Customers' Journey is the foundation of everything.

So join us as we explore this exciting and abundant world with our eyes wide open to what we can from one another each and every day!

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