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Want to improve your mobility and how it feels to move around in your body? My name is Maja and I really believe in the importance of movement to mitigate the negative effects of a modern, sedentary life – more importantly, I love movement in general. Still, this last year I found myself spending a lot of time sitting, stressing a lot, and neglecting my body, which made me end up with some back issues. I took this as a wake-up call to start taking care of my body again. So join me for some more or less regular (mainly outdoor) get-togethers where we work on just that! According to Kelly Starrett, author of the book Becoming a Supple Leopard, what one needs to do to prevent injuries is the same things that one needs to do to maximize one's performance. We will use this book, and also exercises found on Kelly Starrett's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/sanfranciscocrossfit as inspiration, and some other stuff. I’m a personal trainer so I will also put those skills to work and have an overall plan for the meetups, but they will be quite informal. I’m mainly looking for some nice people to do mobility stuff together with :-) I also hope to take in some partner exercises, and some playing!

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