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Greetings, “Gatherers” ! We've got the NEXT THREE DATES on the calendar.

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Needs a date and time

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Greetings, “Gatherers” ! We've got the NEXT THREE DATES on the calendar. Amazing, isn't it? MARCH 11, APRIL 22 and MAY 20TH.

We also will be posting other events and activities that might be of interest to you, and invite you to do the same.

First up is this coming TUESDAY, a Free Guided Meditation Class hosted by Dr.Christine Bradstreet, here in Winter Haven... Tue, Feb 27, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

301 3rd St NW. Check it out at ( Dave and I will be there.

AT OUR NEXT MEETUP, taking your requests into account, we will be looking at the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Just an intro. For those who are well versed in this, please feel free to bring you favorite texts, movies, references, etc.... or at least a list thereof, and we will compile resources.

It's a vast subject which can be looked at from a lot of different angles, and this will be an intro with some exercises to feel into it. Maybe a full day workshop later if interested?

4-6 pm as usual. Let's coordinate snacks so we are snacking healthy. If you'd like to bring fruit, cheese, veggies … something sort of healthy