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The much awaited Powerful, Unique & Life Transforming Event of *Siddha Healing & Group Meditation* (After its success in Delhi & Mumbai)

Benefits of Siddha Healing
-> One Month Distant Siddha Healing
-> One Month Advance Crystal Healing
-> Desire Manifestation with Siddha Energies
-> Helps in realizing one's True Potential
-> Helps in removing Karmic Blockages
-> Helps in removing Financial Blockages
-> Brings inner strength to Handle Stress
-> Brings Harmony & Balance in Life
-> Calms Mind & Nurtures Creativity
-> Triggers your inner Spiritual Quest
-> Experience Energy from Higher Realms
-> Experience the Yogic way of Meditation
All this & more…….

*Note*:- Siddha Healing is a unique and rare healing tool which very few masters had the power to initiate.
Here participants will be healed at multiple levels.
One session of Siddha healing is equivalent to many days of personal healing session with other routine modalities.

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Siddha Healing Mumbai Glimpse


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Siddha Healing & Group Meditation, Bangalore

JSS Auditorium


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