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Therapies for physical, mental & emotional wellbeing that will significantly and permanently empower yourself at all levels.

Bridging Mind & Body- What is Empowered Breathwork? It’s a form of active meditation and somatic therapy in which you are guided through a specific, controlled and accelerated way of conscious breath. Combined with evocative music, aromatherapy and guided ques this breathwork triggers a profound emotional and physical release.

You will learn how to transform your Mind, Body & Spirit through several modalities including: Conscious Breathwork (my most transformative class session!), Mediation, Yoga Nidra, Energy Healing & More!

Sam Kalawart is a three-time Certified Breathwork Teacher with 200+ hours of teacher training and the founder of The Healing Space. She is also the creator of Empowered Breathwork™, an experience in transformative healing using breath, somatic therapy, meditation & energy work. After battling 16+ years of her own chronic health issues through Lyme Disease, Sam discovered the importance of using an integrative approach to physical, mental and emotional healing to empower your own journey. Deeply passionate for this work, Sam has guided thousands of breathers 1:1, in workshops and international retreats through their own empowered transformation. Sam is most active on Instagram: @samkalawart and you can learn more through her website: https://samkalawart.com/

If you are ready to empower yourself while lowering stress naturally, then I'd love to see you at one of our upcoming Classes or Workshops to guide you in your own healing journey!


Sam Kalawart

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Inner-Child Breathwork: June 27th

Heights Yoga Project


Heal your inner-child, subconscious limiting beliefs & core wounds in this powerful Conscious Breathwork Journey. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: https://energytherapysessionswithsamkalawart.as.me/?appointmentType=13161152 In this transformative session, I will guide you through a active meditation using circular, connected breathwork, followed by meditative rest, integration & grounding. Conscious Breathwork is a body-centered therapy that uses the breath to connect you with your body and enhance your physical and emotional health. It’s one of the oldest, most direct and powerful tools to reset the nervous system and support your body’s natural ability to heal. Powerful shifts and transformation can occur in a short amount of time and breathing in a group can feel especially potent and supportive. “Studies are revealing that, by changing the patterns of breathing, it is possible to restore balance to the stress response systems, calm an agitated mind, relieve symptoms of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), improve physical health and endurance, elevate performance, and enhance relationships.” – Well+Good Magazine BENEFITS OF EMPOWERED BREATHWORK: -This powerful modality of healing can be used to boost energy-mental clarity -Detoxify the physical body & release up to 70% of toxins -Create a deeper connection with your authentic self. -Release of endorphins, which support feelings of happiness, generosity and joy. -Access repressed memories relevant to healing -Strengthen emotional stamina -Improve sleep -It can also be used in a series of sessions as a therapeutic tool to fight against stress related symptoms such a panic attacks, chronic anxiety & chronic pain. Conscious Breathwork is an active meditation that helps you get out of your head and into your body where true healing can occur. It acts as an emotional cleansing that activates your energy system so you can feel and release anything weighing heavy on you. This self-healing modality can help you connect to your intuition and open your heart to the possibility of more self-love and self-acceptance. Aromatherapy, sage and music will all be used to facilitate the deepest healing possible. If you are ready to experience the power of your breath to heal you on a deep level then I would be honored to guide you. Bring a Yoga Mat, 2-3 blankets & a small pillow so you are nice & comfy during our time together. Exchange of $40 per ticket & Pre-Registration is Required **Not intended for those that are pregnant**

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Virtual New Moon Breathwork: May 21st

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