I've been to 46 countries, most of them courtesy of a US Army 31 year career. I have also been in most of the 🇺🇸. Next stop, Barcelona.

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  • I have not been to nearly that many but the ones I did visit I thoroughly enjoyed. I try to avoid tours so I can experience the culture In-depth, away from the tourist areas, & at my own pace. Thinking Spain/Portugal this year...or Croatia/Slovenia.

    7 months ago
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        I have only been to three but would like to hear from someone who has been to Australia. Thinking of doing two weeks in Sydney this summer.

        7 months ago
          • Tours are nice if you have never been to the country before. They know where the 'must see' things are, and get you there efficiently. Then you can go back and do things on your own. I have a list of places I'd like to go back and rent a house for a month!

            7 months ago