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What we’re about

If you are looking for life Transformation, Spiritual Growth, Self - Healing and Development, for Love and Abundance in your Life, you will find here a lot of powerful tools for this.

This group created mainly for gathering people for workshops: 

+ Introduction to Runes.

+ Learning all 24 Runes one by one: receiving knowledge and keys for using by yourself.

+ Zoroastrianism Practices. 

+ Female gymnastics ( a little bit similar to yoga but only for women with roots in ancient slavic practices, dances and symbols).

- 24 Runes
- 17 Zoroastrinizm
- Pakal Votan

knowledge sharing sessions:
- with other members who want to share wisdom they've learnt
- with participants to share results of practices and inspire each other

Practicing Runes and other energy practices you will bring in your Life Joy, Love, Sense, True Prosperity, Abundance, Creation, Fulfillment of Your Wishes.
Having years of experience and initiation to all 24 Channels of Runes (Elder Futhark)
and 17 Channels of Zoroastrianism we are sharing with you the Knowledge and working techniques of collaboration with powerful universe energies, which you can use for your day to day Life.