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Humans interested in Wellness from London and surrounding areas are welcome to Wellness Works. Wellness Works is focused on bringing wellness to the community every Thursday, connecting talented facilitators of wellness-based practices such as meditation and yoga to interested Londoners for FREE! All contained in the absolutely stunning spaces in Innovation Works in the heart of downtown London.

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Breath and movement yoga with Mel Dodge

Innovation Works

Join Mel Dodge of OMhale Wellness for rejuvenation and relaxation. Your yoga practice will begin by focusing on breath to calm the body and mind, then you’ll move into a gentle asana (posture) sequence. The class is suitable for all levels. Bring a mat, water and a yoga strap (if you have one). Mel has been loving yoga for 18 years and sharing that love for over six after completing a 300-hour teacher training course. She's passionate about helping people reduce stress in their body, mind and soul.

Morning flow yoga with Tina Lashambe

Innovation Works

Join Tina Lashambe of Freedom Tree Yoga for a light-hearted morning flow class. This class is suitable fo all levels. Bring a mat, water and a yoga strap (if you have one).

Learn to juggle!

Naked by Reimagine Co

*It's a FREE workshop, but registration is required! https://goo.gl/forms/BD9W8jWJ5bU7QLyx2 Only 8 spots available. Have you always wanted to join the circus and learn to juggle? Now you can skip the part about joining the circus! Join Jerry Van de Ven on Thursday, January 31 at 4:45 p.m. at Reimagine Co. There are only 8 spots available to the first people who sign up using this form: https://goo.gl/forms/BD9W8jWJ5bU7QLyx2 The benefits of juggling include better hand-eye coordination and balance. It improves focus and creates better spatial processing. It can also be a low-impact exercise that can be done anywhere! Jerry has been teaching juggling workshops to kids at the Boys & Girls' Club and is looking to help adults learn. He will supply the balls. Just come expecting to have fun!

Chakra flow yoga with Katherine Haine

Innovation Works

Join Katherine for a balanced flow class with an emphasis on opening your chakras. We'll dedicate 7 minutes to each chakra and utilize Isochronic tones to help raise your vibration and energy in each energy centre. Katherine is a business owner who stives to practice balance in all aspects of her life. As a certified yoga practicioner, abstract artist, musician and intuitive healer she is practicing combining her talents into a yoga practice and chakra opening experience that will open hearts and minds.

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Community yoga with Heather Braden

Innovation Works

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