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Chances are, if you chose to join this group, you KNOW that the Law of Attraction works, because you've experienced it firsthand. Come and share your successes and what got you there. The marketplace is full of resources, and different things work for different people. Help also arrives in all kinds of unexpected ways and sometimes we are too close to see it for ourselves. Come and support your fellow seekers and learn from their experiences.

I would like to hold a regular, monthly event, but I really feel resistant to the idea of imposing any kind of rigid structure. I'm a big believer in the old axiom that, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". So I see these events as more of an opportunity for that to happen. I think there is value in the idea of the "mastermind" and that showing up with a firm intention of your own, as well as that of contributing to others' success can have a multiplier effect.

I'm not putting myself forward as a teacher. I took on the role of organizer because I need a group like this! I have done a LOT of reading and studying, over a long period of time and across the fields of philosophy, psychology, science, and religion and have devoted a lot of thought to the operation of LoA. So we're going to go WAY beyond "The Secret". We're going to talk about quantum mechanics and Carl Jung and the Bible and anything else that contributes to more happiness and prosperity for everyone who chooses to participate.

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Share Your Success! Raise Your Vibration!

Second Cup Coffee Co.

Share Your Success! Raise Your Vibration!

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