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Ladies of a Certain Age are invited to join others for a monthly art prompt and creative collaboration.

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Souvenirs—Curating Memory

Fluid Coffee Bar

Souvenirs—-Curating Memory You’ve come a long way baby. What have you kept from the journey? Lapel pins? Extra buttons? Your drunk aunt’s bottle cap collection? To say nothing of the memories they represent... What do our memories have to do with one another? Do our memories move in groups like sparrows? Or are they stationary like defunct gas stations? If I take this memory of a candy red rockfish I caught in Ketchikan and hang it next to this memory of a negative pregnancy test do the two have anything to say to each other when I stand back from the wall? What if the next room is full of memories of my pets? Can I hang puppy memories in here with the last thing my dead cousin said to me? Bring a list of 10 memories with you to the meetup. Any mix of good, bad, indifferent. Let’s see what happens when we consciously curate them onto a three dimensional space. We’ll learn a lot about the practice of Curating, the nature of Memory, and what to do with all those weird magnets and spoons you’ve collected over the years.

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Self Portraiture in the Absurdist Tradition

Fluid Coffee Bar

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