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My happiest moments in life are when I’m doing ‘stuff’ with like minded people, not taking life seriously and having fun. But sometimes it’s tricky to find the people to do ‘stuff’ with when you’re available and so it can be tough to motivate yourself to be active and social. So, this group aims to bring like minded people together to do stuff with in Wrexham and the surrounding area.

Although I started this group, I want it to belong to the community. Therefore, other people may organise ‘stuff’ and invite you to come along.

I am a spontaneous ‘planner’ so anything I add is likely to be last minute. I’ll also add notes and updates so please check Meetup regularly if you don’t want to miss my activity.

Id like this group to have good friendship etiquette so please be punctual, keep us updated, or cancel if you are unable to attend activities.

Note: There are no charges. However, the fees to use this platform need to be covered so contributions towards costs maybe requested prior to each gathering. Any surplus will always be donated to local charities.

We also have a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/391347518436598/

This is an informal group, a group of like minded people using a platform to organize get togethers. It is not a formal group (e.g. there are no leaders, no experts, no insurance or anyone to compliment or complain to!). You must take responsibility for researching an activity, deciding if it’s appropriate for you and being responsible for ensuring you’re adequately prepared so you can look after your own health and safety. Hosts/organizers cannot be held liable as they are individuals inviting you to an activity they have planned as a friend. Finally, usual caution with respect to using any social media platform should be used. Thanks!

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