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This is a group for people who like to eat lunch, and are willing to get out of the house to do it. We will be lunching once a week on Tuesday (tentatively) at well reviewed eating establishments in Naples and Bonita Springs. We'll try a wide variety of cuisines, hot new spots and long time favorites, moderately priced to fine dining. You might want to consider joining, if EACH of the following statements apply to you:

* You love food and trying different restaurants;

* You're not too shy to post a photo with your profile, so our members know what you look like;

* You can carry on a reasonable conversation; you like to meet new people; you're polite and have decent table manners :-)

* You're a kind, optimistic, and happy person... looking to meet like minded souls;

* You don't buy into the packaged cereal conglomerates' pervasive and unsubstantiated propaganda that breakfast is the most important meal of the day;

* You can get away from the office (or your cat, or the links, or whatever) for a few hours once a week;

* You are willing and able to stay off your phone during our lunches (the horror) ;

* If you are a guy, you don't "hit on" women in the group; this group is about developing friendships, not a hookup scene (if over time, a romance develops naturally, cool; but we will toss out anyone who is trolling for dates)

* You honor your "Yes" RSVPs; if you need to cancel, you do so 1-2 days in advance if possible, to give others a chance to sign up.

* You're willing to make a small ($5) financial contribution once every 6-12 months, strictly to cover the meetup site costs.

We will keep the group small, quality over quantity, and will probably move to invite-only once we get established.

Remember - if someone tells you that you seem "out to lunch", that's a compliment! An insult would be "it seems like you eat Top Ramen for lunch, at home, alone".

Let's do this thing. Cheers

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