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Have you ever been interested in hypnosis? I remember hearing about hypnosis for the first time. I was spellbound, the mystical words, the ticking pocket watch swinging back and forth — the ability to communicate efficiently with someone subconscious mind. I had to learn it!

I have spent the last ten years of my life learning hypnosis from experts all around the world, and while it is not as dramatic as its portrayed in the media. It does have the ability to change one's perception of the world dramatically.

So that's what leads us to San Diego Hypnosis. Whether you are an expert in your field or a fresh beginner, this group will be for you. The tools I will teach you will help you if you have ever wanted any of the following:

-to relax regardless of the situation
-to gain control of the emotions that seem to run your life
-relief from the past experiences that haunt you
-unlock your own potential
-create long-lasting, self-perpetuating habits that help you

If you said yes to any of these things, this group is for you! I believe in a hands-on approach. The techniques and principles I will go over we will practice so you can get the tools you need to help manifest the things you want in your life.

So if you are interested in learning hypnosis, perhaps you want to practice hypnosis with like-minded people. This group is for you.

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Getting A Handle on Anxiety

7555 Draper Ave

FREE EVENT Basic Hypnosis Bonanza

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