What we're about

Are you looking to achieve success?

Are you looking to grow and at the same time make new friends?

Do you want to enjoy your dream life now? Not when you are retired?

Then this is the place for you! 👍🏻 We will be booking seminars, webinars and workshops.

If you have any suggestions for the group please let us know. 💡

This meetup was set up with the purpose of getting people with similar ideals and mindset 🧠together to learn and share new experiences.

A little about us: My husband (Alan) and I have visited 19 countries 🌎 in the past 2 years and we have recently climbed Mount Kilimajaro together - the largest free standing mountain in the world⛰️, on several countries we have given workshops and talks to help people to get the lifestyle 😎they desire and deserve.

But life wasn't always like this. We didn't grew up in rich families, we started from nothing.

Come along to learn more and see who you might meet along the way🤝, and YOU will learn how to get on the path to your own life dreams. 🏖️

We are looking forward to meeting and connecting with you!

Be great,😊

Barbara & Alan

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Free webinar: Property Wealth Accelerator

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Free webinar: Find your community!

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