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SAFe Community of Practice (SAFe-CoP) SAFe-COP Overview SAFe Community of Practice (SAFe-CoP) is a group of people connected by a common cause, role or purpose, which operates in a common modality. This SAFe Community of Practice (SAFe-CoP) is established to provide a platform for SAFe practitioners and professionals for developing new knowledge, stimulating innovation, and sharing knowledge. Our main aim to knit people together and their outputs can include leading practices, guidelines, knowledge repositories, technical problem and solution discussions, and strategies. Mission The Mission of the SAFe Community of Practice (SAFe-CoP) are as follows: • provides a forum for members to develop, share and enrich SAFe activities. • facilitates opportunities for collaborations between members. • fosters relationships across the membership. Goals The goals of the SAFe Community of Practice (SAFe-CoP) are as follows: • Develop and support SAFe best practices • Develop SAFe Vocabulary How it works? • It’s a periodic session where you can “sit down with” a small group of colleagues and explore your most challenging scenarios with experienced SAFe Professionals. • It’s a community event, so everyone vets possible solution approaches, as we all learn together. • It’s run as a Lean Coffee. In the very beginning, attendees review their scenarios. Then, we prioritize them and spend 10-15 minutes on each, working top down. We usually get to 3-4-5 per session, preferring a bit of depth over breadth. • Community, sounding board, collaboration, help, idea sharing, safe area to expose your challenges – all come to mind to describe our SAFe-CoP. • This meeting will take place online on Zoom: For any further question or information please call me on [masked] or write me at [masked]


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What we're about

Learn! Practice! Share war stories! This SAFe® CoP is for those interested in learning and sharing stories on how to scale their Agile implementations using the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)

The purpose of the SAFe® CoP is to provide a forum for industry leaders, executives, practitioners, software developers, managers, coaches, consultants, trainers and agile working group team members, who are involved in planning and implementing Agile software development philosophies, principles, and practices at enterprise scale to share experiences and network around Scaling Agile. The focus of this SAFe® CoP is Scaling Agile, i.e. on factors, methods, and techniques that influence an enterprise wide adoption of agile. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is a rapidly evolving framework built upon proven success patterns that addresses and takes into account most of the factors surrounding an enterprise wide adoption of Agile. The initial focus of this CoP shall hence be the SAFe® Framework.

At our SAFe®CoP we agreed that this Group is about:
- meeting people who do SAFe every day
- exchange experiences
- help troubleshoot and solve each-others' specific problems
- discuss and clarify advance concepts
- and have FUN with SAFe!

We also agreed that this Group IS NOT about:
- agile basics (check other meetups or google info)
- SAFe basics (plenty of info at http://www.scaledagil... ( ))
- SAFe training (please check our sponsors for training providers)
- and SAFe bashing (please use other meetups or forums).

If this is what you would also like to do, come and join in!

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