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Relationships that are built on mutual support and well-being are the foundation of a successful life. They are a fun, exciting, interesting and a good place to live!

Every day I say to Annie something like "it's just great to be with you". Each day is fresh and new and we don't find ourselves going over the same old things.

How did we get here? What did we both learn? What did we do?

Looking back it's seems so simple now: it is simple but it took courage and willingness to let go and find a new way forward.

This group aims to share what we learned that worked so well for us and many others. We will answer the questions so many of us ask ourselves when things are going wrong with our relationships. Questions like: How come my relationships don't work? What's wrong with me? How come this happened to me again?

We will introduce exciting new research on the fundamentals of how relationships work and how they don't work. The principles you can learn are very liberating and explain simply what is going on.

There really are simple ways to approach relationships that promote acceptance, understanding and closeness with those around us.

Annie and I have studied, practiced and taught what we will share with you. In our experience difficult relationships can get easier and good ones become great!

Initially, we will limit numbers to ten attendees to allow space for questions and answers on topics of particular interest to the group on that night.

We are so excited about this group and to be able to share what is very helpful in creating a life full of good relationships.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Best wishes,

Annie & Godfrey

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