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...and all the men and women merely players." So let's play. This is a group for anyone who loves, or is even semi-interested in, theater and the performing arts. I imagine the majority of our Meetup events will be attending theater performances. But I also think it would be fun to get together to read plays, maybe take a theater class, play drama games, share plays we're writing, and anything else theater-related we can possibly think of. I've been obsessed with theater, especially of the musical variety, for 30+ years and I hope to meet like-minded people to share special experiences with.

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Shakespeare in the Park

Cheeseman Park

Grab a picnic lunch and a blanket or chair and meet in Cheeseman Park. We will eat and read a play by the Bard- this month will be "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Bring your own copy of the play (I recommend the No Fear Shakespeare version- it translates the prose into modern English). We'll assign "roles" for each scene. *Please note that this is the same event that is listed in my other Meetup group, "Much Ado About Everything." I had meant to list it here. You do not need to RSVP in both places.

The Last Defender

Patagonia Denver

From the Denver Theater Company's Off Center: "It’s 1983, the United States and The Soviet Union are still mired in the Cold War, and the only hero that can end it is… you! Head to The Defenders’ underground headquarters, where we’ve deployed artificial intelligence alongside 8-bit arcade-style computer technologies to control our nuclear weapons. Suit up and work as a team to gather information, solve puzzles, and make increasingly difficult decisions in real time. Do you have what it takes to complete The Defenders’ final mission and save the world? The best puzzle and games designers from Chicago have teamed up to create a wholly new experiment in immersive storytelling and stagecraft. It’s part performance, part puzzle hunt, and part live action game. The Last Defender draws on the political and social turmoil of the 80s, the golden age of arcades, and impending nuclear threats to give audiences a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience." I've gone to two of Off-Center's shows and both have been unforgettable experiences. Tickets for shows sell out FAST so you need to RSVP and be prepared to pay by Friday, April 26th. Tickets are $38 with the handling fee. Who wants to join me in (artistically) saving the world?

Musical Theatre Showdown

1233 N Ogden St

This will be an afternoon get together to discuss all things musical theatre. We'll have discussion questions and by using a bracket we'll determine the best musical of all time. I'll supply some snacks and drinks; a donation for this would be appreciated. If you love musical theatre, you need to be here.

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Backstage Tour of the Denver Center

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

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