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Do you merely "like the idea" of your dreams and goals, or are you truly committed to realizing them? If the latter is the case, then you'll want you to join us!

SERIOUS & SEVERE SUCCESS STRATEGIES is a "Navy-Seal/Boot Camp" type gathering that provides truly Effective & Empowering Leadership, Business and Personal Development Strategies that actually work! We're friendly and welcoming, but we don't mess around, and we don't mince words, so if you're really, truly, honestly ready to succeed, then be ready to pay attention, to participate, and most importantly, to take serious action!

SERIOUS & SEVERE SUCCESS STRATEGIES gatherings are for those who are SEVERELY SERIOUS about SUCCESS in any realm; personal, professional and otherwise. It's an opportunity to discover, grow, get empowered, and be surrounded by others who want you to succeed as much as you do. So, whether you're looking to start a business, or get rich, or quit that addiction, or drop the weight, or shake that depression or anger or "life in limbo", then join us...if you dare!

WARNING: This is a SEVERELY SERIOUS HARD-CORE STRATEGIES GROUP! Whiners, moaners, complainers, blamers and victims are perfectly welcome to participate (we can actually help you break that cycle), but please note; this group is for people who are DEDICATED, COMMITTED and DETERMINED to achieving, attaining and acquiring serious goals. As such, THESE PEOPLE (we hope you're one of them) are our priority, and it is for THESE PEOPLE that we've got some NON-NEGOTIABLE RULES in place.

Non-Negotiable Rules:
1 - Participants MUST absolutely 'RSVP' in order to participate.
2 - Participants MUST honor RSVP or be removed from group.
3 - Participants MUST be punctual; late-comers will NOT be granted entry.
4 - Phones MUST be shut off; no texting/calling during event.
5 - Participants MUST participate wholeheartedly (no time/energy-wasters!)

If you find these rules too harsh, then this is likely not the group for you. Anyone expecting the group and its facilitators to be dedicated to their success must also be dedicated enough to follow 5 simple rules.

NOTE: We realize this ad sounds tough, but we're actually really nice, sweet people who even give hugs when needed! You should also know:
-If you're afraid of joining us, that's okay; we'll help you work through that fear.
-If you're NOT afraid...You Should Be!

Ready!? Go!! Succeed!!!

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(Although we permit and promote interactive networking within our group, this meetup group is for individuals who have an actual personal Meetup page. Business accounts with business names will be removed.)

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