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The purpose of this group is to put together a study group for those people signed up for the Venture Deals free online course. And also to meet to learn about raising venture capital from seed, series A, series B onward.

Renowned venture capitalists Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson, partners at the Foundry Group and authors of Venture Deals, run the course and reveal the secrets behind how venture financings really work. Feld, a well-known speaker and author of several books in the Startup Revolution series, began financing technology startups in the early 1990s, first as an angel and later as an institutional investor.

The next Venture Deals course may be in the fall 2020, hopefully. Check out the link below for more information on the course and to sign-up. If you are interested in the course, perhaps we could collaborate together while taking the course.


Under the same topic, the group can meet to run Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator. We hear it all the time, we need more startups to drive our economy forward. It's a lot of work to launch your own startup, but successfully raising outside capital & scaling...much, much harder.

Meet one of the top strategy simulations in the world, Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator. Designed for accelerators, incubators, startup teams, board members & anyone dealing with startups – Scale Up! helps you understand, experience & overcome the growth challenges startups face when trying to scale. The simulator is ideal to be run online and as part of a digital learning platform, with blended programs & mentoring.

If you think this simulator is a "game", think again! This is a serious business strategy tool, where you go through the different life-stages of a startup. You will learn how to successfully select the right investors & make choices on long-term funding strategy. You'll also get to know your cap table, so bring a calculator!

Looking for collaboration, guest and topic ideas on the process and strategy of raising venture capital.

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