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Awaking To Your Authentic Self

The Graduate Institute

Cost: $45 Register Here: https://www.learn.edu/events-1/awaking-to-your-authentic-self We are brought up in a world where it is difficult to know how to connect to, and express our whole and authentic selves. We are not usually given the tools for true uninhibited self-discovery and self-awareness. When we do know ourselves, it can feel hard or scary to fully express ourselves in the world. This workshop is aimed at helping you uncover the truest and authentic essence within you, discover your unique gifts and desires, and learn the tools of how to let them fully shine out in the world. In this is workshop, you will learn tools to discover and uncover your truest and authentic self, receive guidance towards accessing your core needs, dreams, beliefs/values and purpose, learn practices on how to connect intuitively for self-knowledge as well as guidance, receive teachings on how to develop your intuition and interpret it, and support towards aligning with your authentic self in all aspects of your life. This workshop will include teachings, guided meditations, exercises, and group discussions, and is an opportunity to be in community with others in co-creating a sacred and safe place to practice vulnerability and the sharing of your authentic self. About Ryen: Coming from a career in art and fashion in NYC, Ryen knows the perils of losing oneself to the demands of modern life, to the career hustle, and feeling the pressures to fit in to a conventional world as a very unconventional person. After both a painful and blissful awakening in 2017, Ryen left her career and life in NYC to travel solo around the world. In that time, she began a practice of deep self -discovery and realignment with her true self. She discovered new parts of herself she didn't know existed, released old parts and reacquainted with ones that had been lost. After 7 months of solo journeying, she returned to the east coast, and began a path more aligned to her authentic self. Ryen is passionate about helping others overcome the very things she suffered through. She is driven to helping others uncover and awaken to their authentic and unique selves, helping them align all aspects of their lives to this self, be confident and self-assured in their transformation, and help them step out into the world and be truly seen for exactly who they are.

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