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There is much going on in the world. We need to be observant. The ability to access the Creative Energy of Divine Source is our birthright. We will gather to observe one or more troubling events. For each event, we will briefly discuss, then work together to create a sentence or phrase to balance the event, and join together to send this message to Divine Source Energy asking for assistance in bringing Love, Peace, Safety, Abundance, Compassion, and Unity to the planet through the words we have chosen. Spiritual sources will include Matt Kahn, Magenta Pixie, Paramahansa Yoganandya, the Law of One and the Bible, in addition to sources brought by members of the group. We will have discussions, and do chanting, meditation, drumming, and charging energy into water.

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Maintaining Equanimity in an Increasingly Chaotic World

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Discuss Fake News, Real News, Co-Create the World We Want

Insight Learning and Wellness Center

Introduction to All is Well

Insight Learning and Wellness Center

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