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Welcome to the Fabulous Over 40 Group! You landed on a good one, so great job! If you want to meet nice people, feel welcomed at every event, have a plethora of things to choose from to do, and form lasting friendships, this is the group for you. We have event coordinators who plan and host anything from concerts, to hikes, to dancing, to tubing and coast trips, to dinners and movies, cool bars, and archery and hatchet-throwing, and the list goes on and is only limited by your imagination. We started charging a minimal $10 a year because we believe it brings and keeps in a more vested group of people. The money will pay for anything from music or catering for events or deposits for venues to the yearly subscription to maintain the site. Please note that this group is not a “hookup” or “dating” group. With that being said, natural and authentic connections may occur, and meeting someone on Meetup is certainly preferable to navigating the dating sites currently out there. You can’t predict attraction and love! 😊 Men and women are both welcome and many folks join this group because they feel they won’t have that pressure of being hit on by the opposite sex. Many people like this group because guys and gals can be friends, brothers, sisters. Please don’t make it weird or uncomfortable to the point that we have good folks not wanting to attend meetup events due to a bad encounter. Just be the good adults your parents taught you to be and come and enjoy our events. We truly have some of the best and most hospitable members. All ages are welcome...If you aren't over 40 that is ok! You will be soon enough! 😉

Update: As of January 2020, Fabulous Over 40 will require members to attend at least ONE of TWO events per year that are designated as MANDATORY. One will be earlier in the year and the other later. One will be either free or very inexpensive, like a brown bag lunch, and the other will like a happy hour or dinner type event. This way, everyone can afford to go.
The reasons that you must attend at least one of the two events are these:
1. If everyone must attend one of only two events per year, the expected turn out would be rather large. And,
2. This would create an environment where more people would be able to meet at a single sitting.
The idea behind this is to foster relationships between people who joined this group for a reason. We believe that if you are forced to get out of the house at least once per year, you just might have some fun and make some friends.
If you don’t attend at least one of these events per year, you will be removed from the group. And since nobody wants that to happen, we encourage you to get out there and make some friends because we have the absolute best people in San Antonio in Fabulous over 40. Welcome!

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Let’s hang out and have fun

Needs a location

Let’s all meet where can hang talk play different games they have there or bring own. They don’t serve food, but you can order and bring from one of the many restaurants that are located in the area.


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Wonderland of the America's Annual Father's Day Car show

Needs a location

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