• Vision Board Workshop (Full Day)

    Waterend Farm,


    Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever with a Vision Board Workshop Prepare for 2018 with clearly defined goals ready for the new year ahead- this is a perfect opportunity to set yourself some goals in different areas of your life, giving you clearer direction, purpose and definite aims in life. Upon doing so you will find yourself becoming more focused and motivated, thus allowing you to escape those everyday strains and stresses. This Vision Board Workshop allows your imagination to run wild and for you to create what you desire in your life using thoughts, senses, images and words- creating a vision board is all about defining steps to finally pursue those dreams and this creative process will awaken the potential in you. A vision board helps you to keep track of the daily actions you’re taking- keeping your eye on the ball while life happens in 2018 and beyond. It is also incredibly helpful when you are having an ‘off’ day or don’t feel like taking action or maybe that favourite show on Netflix is seducing you to binge-watch! During the workshop you will experience: Time to reflect on your life, dreams and aspirations- because often life gets in the way (work, family, children, household duties) and we don’t allow time for ourselves. Get crystal clear on what you want to achieve in your life- you’ll have time to focus on gaining clarity on the things that are of most value to you (family, holidays, travel, hobbies, money), enabling you to focus on and give attention to those sacred times, rather than those nagging feelings or doubts- after all life is about achieving balance and happiness in all areas. Bring your dreams and aspirations to life by creating your own bespoke vision board- bring your goals, values and dreams together so you can create your own individualised vision board as a clear reminder of your purpose and aims in life. Thus allowing you to forget any worries and have total immersion in the important things, on a daily basis. Meet other like-minded people - support each other in fine tuning your dreams and aspirations through questioning, sharing and discussing. Thus allowing you to draw on each others strengths, beliefs and understanding, in order to make those goals realistic and achievable. Escape the stresses and strains of everyday life- a day that will calm your nerves and allow you to catch your breath again! Relax and enjoy a day focused on YOU- like the metaphor of an oxygen mask on a plane…… first help yourself before you can help others. This is something we often forget to do. Event details: The workshop is being held in a beautiful part of South Gloucestershire at Waterend Farm, Coaley, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 5DR Date: Saturday 13th January 2018- starts 10:00am finishes 3:00pm Ticket prices: £67.00 per person- early bird tickets are available at £57.00 but must be purchased by 20th December 2017. This is the best Christmas present you could think of giving to a friend or family member. Further details: What you need to bring to the event- Come prepared with some ideas for your vision board- think about your goals, your life purpose and what you most value in your life. A wide variety of magazines (some will be supplied)- this could be your favourite magazines or ones that relate to your hobbies/interests. Perhaps you could ask friends/family to pass old ones onto you, as long as they are prepared for them to be torn and cut up. Any photos, drawings or extra materials you may like to use- such as glitter, labels, ribbon- to enhance your vision board. Notebook for taking notes during the day. A packed lunch/drinks for the day (food will not be provided on the day but there will be tea/coffee served twice during the day and bottled water available) Event Organiser and Leader: Lisa Carlin- Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur Lisa currently lives in Somerset and is a successful entrepreneur running an online Coaching Business. Lisa loves nothing more than to see people turn their lives around and to live to their full potential. Through her coaching programmes she is able to support people in transforming their lives and getting results that they desire in a much shorter time, than if they try to do so alone. Lisa is also a motivational speaker and gains a great sense of achievement through inspiring people with her story of how she transformed her life. Contact Lisa Email: [masked] Mobile:[masked]

  • Mindcanyon Live 2017

    Swindon MECA

    Is your story holding you back from truly living the life you want? Are you lacking the motivation to get up every day and get things done that would move you closer to your goals and dreams? If so... Imagine being in a room with the most inspirational and motivational souls who are ready to uplift you, inspire and give you the motivation to change your life and start pursuing more. Mind Canyon Live is a one-day event that brings together the most amazing people, with a line up of speakers who are destined to impact lives globally. Aims and objectives The aim of Mind Canyon Live is to motivate, inspire and free you from doubts, negativity and overcome limiting beliefs. You will step out of your way, recreate your story and change your perspective on how you see things. The Mind Canyon Live is like nothing you've experienced before. Get your tickets now and we'll see you on the day the magic happens, just go to this link below: https://smcarrs.clickfunnels.com/mindcanyon-live-event

  • Personal Development Workshop in Bristol

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    Many people have dreams and aspirations but have no idea how to achieve them. Would you like to learn how to set yourself realistic goals and how to achieve them? Lisa Carlin has an amazing workshop for you. Come along and find out about- 1- Setting yourself up for a win. 2- How to set goals that make sense. 3- The secret ingredient to world class accountability. About the speaker: Lisa Carlin was born in Leicester but grew up in the West Country and had a privileged upbringing. When Lisa left full time education she flitted from job to job and ended up as a primary school teacher in later life. However, it soon became apparent the reality of the job was very different to her expectations and after suffering stress, unmanageable workload and high demands she quit! Lisa is now in a privileged position to help others live the life of their dreams, as a coach, mentor and motivational speaker.