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Hey Everyone, we would love for you to join our "no suits and no sales pitch" first time home buyer workshop.

We all know Uncle Google has been a great help and everyone says they can get you approved; Really? Joe and Ernie are here to have open discussions with you including all the realities of buying a home, how much money you will need to save and how much you can afford. We are old school and hold nothing back - this is real.

Some of you folks might have a few dings on your credit and want to know what to do next. As a mortgage professional since 1995, Joe has the experience and the know-how to set you off in the right direction.

Ernie specializes in and loves to work with first time buyers. He will answer all your questions about the actual home purchase process and share his knowledge at every session. His goal has always been to educate buyers throughout the entire process so that they truly feel comfortable with their first home purchase.

Our program is going to be amazing and not a one shot deal, it's designed for discussion and as a confidence boost to lead you up to the day when "You" are ready to buy your first home.

Attend as many meetings as you wish and please invite friends and family to our small and limited seat meetings - no two meetings will be exactly alike because as you grow with knowledge so will your questions and confidence

We are working on a budget so feel free to bring along a drink and snack.

Joe Mecca is a loan officer and owner of MortgageMecca on Creedmoor Rd in Raleigh. He promises you that there will be no sales pitches at any sessions because when you are ready - he hopes you will do business with him. NMLS 68995 and biz NMLS 49806

Ernie Behrle has been a licensed REALTOR since 1994 assisting both residential home buyers and sellers across the Triangle. He is also the Broker in Charge of BuySmart Realty, a sister company of Northside Realty which is the largest independent company in the Triangle. You can visit Ernie's website at www.BuySmartRealty.site .

Watch for our first class beginning in April - announcing soon.

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MortgageMecca, Inc
4701 Creedmoor Rd Ste 105
Raleigh, NC 27615
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