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Chellllllloooooo Sis..... Welcome to our new group based in Houston but open to anyone across the country. We decided to start a group for women who enjoy eating, dancing, vacationing, camping, chatting, museums, concerts, festivals, kickbacks, virtual HH... drinking wine, brown liquor or clear, pressed juice,sparkling water or just plan ol' H2o 🙃...conversing about life goals, shared experiences or new ones, fears, careers or nothing ( yes I said nothing because sometimes we just wanna chat with our girls about absolutely nothing and walk away feeling revived).

This group will have a lot of random gatherings 😊 as you can tell by the description. If you have any ideas about outings, books, food, culturally driven events, or just random fun PLEASE let us know!!

If we listed something you're not interested in still stop by and say....Hey sis ❤

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Hey Sis ❤ 1st Kickback


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