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This group is for light workers and those who think you are, but are not sure yet. You are all welcome! Join us and spend some time in a group without bias, judgement, or expectation. Let's plan activities together, have great conversations and feel free to share your passion and experiences. Let's just get together and let our light shine and guide us, while having a good time.

How do you know if you are a lightworker?

You feel a strong desire to heal, guide or help others.

You feel deep in your hearth that you are here for a divine purpose or for “something more than this”, even if you haven’t found out what it is yet. This feeling creates a sense of urgency or restlessness in you.

You have a feeling of being misunderstood, as if you are not a part of this world. You want to ‘return home’ even though you don’t know where home is.

You had a difficult childhood and have faced many challenges throughout your lives.

Every so often you need space for meditation, contemplation or just to be alone away from all human contact as much as possible.

You need seclusion and alone time to recharge your energy and tent to go to places of strong energetic charge in nature, like the woods or the beach.

You find it hard to ‘fit in’, especially when you are made to conform to certain group.

You have the tendency to always go out of your way to help others.

You can sense and feel people emotion so strongly that it feels as if you could read their mind.

People often approach you to tell you their problems. You are not scared of supernatural events.

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