What we're about

Psalms 139:14, “I praise you, so wonderfully you made me.”
From the very beginning, God made our bodies to move. Let’s move!
This is a group for Physically Active Catholic Ladies Living in the Modesto Area, (CAPALOMA), age 40's to 50's that believe in Catholic Family values, want to meet like minded, new physically active Catholic female friends and build lasting relationships.

I have always tried to link faith and fitness together. Meeting up with females in my age group who practice the same faith, and participate in a more active lifestyle is my goal. I invite you to join me in my quest.
It was none other than St. Thomas Aquinas who wrote: “To a good bodily constitution corresponds the nobility of the soul.”

What do CAPALOMA members do?

We maintain our bodily constitutions and work on the nobility of our soul through: walks, bike rides, gym workouts, kayaking, snowshoe, Stonehenge rock wall climb, moderate trail hikes, day trips, yoga, coffee/tea meetings, go for runs, play games, share conversation, attend parish activities together, pray together, discuss Scripture, current events in Catholic news and more.
* Let's build new lasting friendships with physically active like minded Catholic females*

What CAPALOMA is not :
It is not a supper club, foodie group or group that subsists on potlucks.
It is not a senior’s retirement organization.
It is not a formal Bible study, but our blessed mother, Virgin Mary, is our patron saint and we do pray together, and have fellowship.

It is not a therapy group, but we share and support each other (judgement free) journeying toward Christ.

It is not a fundraising organization. Our local parishes have plenty of opportunities for charity and giving.

It is not a personal trainer. Due to liability issues and for your own health and well being, if you are not already somewhat physically active, please talk to your doctor about how to start becoming physically active and do so prior to joining.

It is not a piggy back for other clubs or groups. Scheduled activities are for group members only.

It is not counseling for serious marital issues. Any personal discussions are expected to be held in strict confidence within our group and all sharing is voluntary (no gossip please). Group members may offer advice only if the other person requests it.

* There are only three things to do prior to becoming a member:

1. Uploaded your photo and complete your profile (so we know you are a real person)

2. Answer a few questions (so members can know you better.)

3. I will contact you over meetup messaging for a brief face to face meeting so, you can get to know me and I can get to know you, (usually over coffee or tea). If you and I have not met within 4-6 weeks of your original request for membership, your original membership request will be declined. You are welcome to re-request membership at any time.

CAPALOMA Guidelines:
• Please click the RSVP to any activities you plan to attend. Also, It is greatly appreciated that you cancel the RSVP as soon as you know if you are unable to attend otherwise your attendance will be counted as a no- show.

• If for some reason your schedule just isn't allowing you time for meetups and you fail to participate, or accumulate too many no-shows, you may either voluntarily dis-enroll or be removed from the group. However, you are welcome to re-enroll when your schedule allows.

•For the comfort and well-being of others, while participating in CAPALOMA meetings and activities, please practice: good oral hygiene, body hygiene, refrain from wearing perfumes, body splashes, heavily perfumed lotions, or smoking.

• For the comfort and safety of others (no matter how harmless you think your pet may be), please refrain from bringing pets/animals to any CAPALOMA activities or events. Owners of Service Animals must have proof of documentation with them when bring their Service Animal to an activity or event.

•For the well being of the group, anyone demonstrating behavioral inappropriateness (physically, mentally or emotionally) and/or is negatively affecting the experience of other group members, and/or otherwise violates CAPALOMA Guidelines, Meetups Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, may be removed or banned from the group. Banned individuals are not allowed to re-enroll in a group they have been banned from.

**Due to the physical nature of this group, it is necessary that I include the legal disclaimer and liability information below. Please read. This is a Legal Disclaimer and Liability Information for the meetup group known as, Catholic Physically Active Ladies Of Modesto Area, (CAPALOMA). It is mandatory that you read, understand and accept it before you become a member of this group.)


By joining Catholic Physically Active Ladies Of Modesto Area (CAPALOMA) signing up for, RSVP’ing to events and/or attending any of CAPALOMA’s events, you are confirming that you have read, understand and accept the following:

1. Attending events held by CAPALOMA is voluntary by you as a member. Participation in any activity with CAPALOMA is at your own risk.

2. By joining CAPALOMA as a member you agree to indemnify and hold harmless CAPALOMA - its organizers, and all other members from all claims or liability of every type without limitation (including court costs and legal fees) for injury, physically, mentally, emotionally or death to any person or for damage to property, loss of personal property or any other wrongful act arising out of or relating to your participation as a member. This agreement applies to you and in special circumstances (when guests are allowed) your guests.

3. You also agree to hold the organizers as well as other group members harmless. By participating voluntarily in the group, you expressly waive any and all such claims against each and every other member in the group, including without limitation any and all claims against the group organizer, co-organizers, assistant organizers, and event hosts.

4. CAPALOMA may involve a variety of different activities. These events can potentially be dangerous and pose a risk to CAPALOMA members. Should there be special circumstances where guests may be invited, by joining, you understand that you agree to indemnify and hold harmless CAPALOMA - its organizers, and all other members from all claims or liability of every type (including court costs and legal fees) for physical, mental or emotional injury or death to any person or for damage to property, loss of personal property or any other wrongful act arising out of or relating to your participation as a member. This agreement applies to you and in special circumstances your guests. (when guests are allowed) You accept responsibility in making sure any guest of yours is aware of this disclaimer and liability information. By participating voluntarily in the group you understand that you are responsible (personally and financially) for your own, health, safety and the health and safety of your guests and/or family members.

5. Any social events that CAPALOMA sponsors holds will fall also under the same Disclaimer and Liability guidelines listed above.

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Body Pump Class at In Shape on McHenry

In Shape on Mchenry Ave Modesto, CA

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