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Big Dog Poker Room welcomes all players, advanced and beginner, to play Texas Hold-Em tournaments and cash games.

Don't be mistaken, the poker is real, and we offer a Casino level experience with tables, chairs, cards and chips just like Vegas...but we have a lot more fun. We offer a variety of poker events including friendly low to medium stakes tournaments and cash games with an occasional higher stake game.

Big Dog Poker Room is a transplant from San Diego, where we have hosted games for several years. Well organized and fully transparent, Big Dog is non-profit and always has 100% payout. We do ask a house fee per event that helps cover poker supplies, snacks, sodas, water, etc. We do try to keep it reasonable ($5-$10) and base in what we're spending.

We always have lots of poker friendly snacks (clean fingers) and food, fully stocked poker fridge with soda, water and left over beer (BYOB), and other candy. For longer events, we often cater a meal for an additional fee. All terms will be clearly posted in the event description. It has been our experience that poker players prefer to pay instead of pot luck, so an extra $10 per person for kick ass party trays of Mexican or Chinese food has always been a winner.

Please see the house rules below. This is how we roll at Big Dog, its basically our terms and conditions.


Conversation: There is a time and place for all conversation. With regards to politics and religion, this is neither the time or the place. We want Big Dog Poker to be a sanctuary free from the controversy of hot topics such as politics, religion, immigration, gun control, etc. Political correctness however, is non-existent here at Big Dog, so whatever it is don’t take it personal. We are here to have fun and play poker, so please keep it light.

Fees: Casinos TAKE 28%-35% from the prize pool for an administrative fee to run tournaments.

The food and facility fee (f&ff) at Big Dog will vary based on the event and is intended to offset the cost of providing snacks, sodas, water, appliances, power and the casino style playing experience (cards, chips, tables, chairs, lighting) that we all enjoy. When meals are provided, the fee will obviously reflect that. For legal purposes, please note the food and facility fee (f&ff) is a voluntary donation. At the same time, please keep in mind your welcome invitation to return is also voluntary.

Tournaments: If you enjoyed the experience here at Big Dog, please tip the house. The f&ff referenced above is ‘intended to offset the cost’ which means Big Dog Poker is non-profit and typically spends far more than it generates. Tips from the tournament winners are greatly appreciated. If tonight wasn’t your night, we understand.

Chips: Verify your chip stack when you sit down. Do not walk around with chips, leave them on the table unless changing tables. When changing tables, please use a rack to carry your chips. If you leave the cash game, cash out with the dealer (or cashier). Cash chips taken from the poker room will not be honored.

STFU Rule: Please understand we are all here to play poker, so whatever point you’re trying to make or joke you’re trying to tell may have to wait. Be aware of the situation at the table, and let the poker take priority.

At the Table: No drinks on the tables (or in cup holders), please put them on the floor. No food on the tables. Snacks and candy are ok, just put them in a bowl. No phone conversations at the table, step away. You will always be dealt a hand in tournament, and your hand is dead if you aren’t seated when deal is complete. In a cash game, if you aren’t seated when the deal begins you will not be dealt cards.

"Brat" Rule: You are NOT Phil Hellmuth. We’ve all had bad beats, made a comment questioning your opponent’s poker skills, or perhaps even offered some constructive criticism. Leave it at that and let it go. If you’re really on tilt take a walk outside. The mantra here at Big Dog is: "Win with Style, Lose with Grace"

Alcohol: If you want to drink, be social about it and bring extras. Surplus beer in the fridge is then community property for the next time. Drink, have a good time, but don’t be an ass clown. We will not hesitate to confiscate your keys and give you a blanket (or Uber).

Restrooms: We’re all dogs in a poker sense, but if you don’t have four legs walk to the house and use the restroom like a civilized person. There are signs directing you to the restrooms, and we do thank you.

Smoking: Big Dog is a non-smoking poker room, even if the doors are open. Please smoke away from the doors, in areas where ashtrays are provided, and use said ashtrays. For the herbal crowd, Big Dog is 420 tolerant, but we prefer you gather near the pool or a car parked inside the gate.

Social Media: No video please.To respect privacy, and be consist with standard casino practices, please refrain from taking photos of players. If you want to take photos of the room with play in session, give warning of such intentions and the people who want to hide usually do. Big Dog may take and post photos on Meetup for advertised events, with an announced advanced warning of course. Do not post players on Facebook without their knowledge and permission.

Discrimination: The race card doesn’t play here at Big Dog. We all share a common ground with the international rule of poker, and it’s that simple. What color, shape, religion or nationality you are doesn’t matter because we don’t care. Here at Big Dog we speak English and deal in US currency, so if you’re good with that….Welcome to the game!

Disputes: Big Dog will settle all table disputes, call for ‘floor’. The house collects all information, applies the 2018 WSOP tournament rules (printed copies are available for review), and may consult other players with extensive poker experience. The house then makes the fairest decision possible. That decision is final.

If you're interested in joining the group, there's two things:

1. we need an identifiable self photo (you can change to your favorite super hero later) 2. answer three simple questions.

Then come enjoy Hemet's new premiere home game, and play at Big Dog!

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