What we're about


• Do you want to know more about how to interpret the 78 mysterious cards of Tarot and Lenormand?

• Not have to use loads of boring books to learn, and just use your natural intuition and smarts to figure it all out?

• Want to use your intuition and organically use your life experience to read the images?

• Want to have time to learn and practice in a safe space and make tons of mistakes without feeling foolish?

• Ask questions and get a fast straight answer without learning in isolation?

All Classes will be held on Sundays from 4pm to 6 30. Students will be given the address with an RSVP

20$ per class / 2$ for handouts or supplies if you use them

Group activities and handouts. Art projects to help you learn. Fun interactive conversations.

Join once a month to meet other people and try out your Tarot skills. Learn what the four suits mean, what the colours mean, what it all means to you! Hands on experience and fun practice. Come learn, listen, share.


Your teacher has been reading Tarot Cards for 25 years, is a local working artist who hosts as an active participant in the Culture Crawl and sells her self published Lenormand deck on Etsy. Kat holds a Degree in Fine Art from Emily Carr University and a Degree in Education at Simon Fraser University. She is also a certified Death Doula and is well versed in deeper emotional work around using Tarot to heal and transform. Kat runs her Tarot Biz under the name Tarot by Alma and travels with her skills all across Canada. Summer finds her hunkering down with some super awesome folks eagerly clammering for her advice and in depth readings!

Beginners and Serious long time learners welcome! Tarot is a lifetime of learning.

Join us and use Tarot to find insight into what this ancient and interesting deck has to offer!

Upcoming events (2)

Free: open to all Tarot Reading Practice

Vancouver Public Library, Central Library

Come and bring a friend for free practice with your fav deck. Part of the Tarot School is joining together for making snap predictions and having a blast making mistakes! You will be guided by Kat who will be there to assist and join in to help you with Tarot ethics and check you don't start giggling with the devil or misread. FREE! No fee for practice sessions. But as this is a small room it is limited to 8 RSVP's. So if you intend to join, please show up as there is limited room.

Secrets of Court Family and Numbers 1 to 10

188 Milross Ave


Have you wondered how to interpret the Court Cards in a reading? Who are they, and how do you incorporate them with the rest of the cards in a spread? They pose some difficult perspectives and we will set these characters out on a journey to explore how they can help us negotiate through their connection with the rest of the Tarot Deck. Super fun, hands on learning. You will be reading for each other in this class! Tea will be served. There is a washroom is available. 3 hour class. Discussion and questions are encouraged. Please bring a card deck, I will have a few spares to offer during class.

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