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The Atlanta Social Exchange is a food, event and travel social club. Our motto is "Do Something Different. Expand Your Social Circle." The goal is to have FUN participating in unique events around Atlanta that will include outdoor activities, culinary explorations, cultural outings, educational events, volunteer work and travel opportunities. If you are looking for things to do or places to eat you are in the right spot!

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Foodie Friday: Mariscos La Riviera Nayarit

Mariscos La Riviera Nayarit (Lawrenceville)

Marisquerias, or seafood restaurants, celebrating the coastal cuisine of Mexico is Mariscos La Riviera Nayarit. Experience fresh seafood from the region of Nayarit, a small state on the west coast of Mexico facing the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant’s lively ambience and coastal decor — think fish nets, vibrant blues, and shells — set the mood for those ready for a meal at the marisqueria. The family owned restaurant encourages patrons to order everything family style and share over the table. Diners can find a selection of fresh oysters, shrimp, crab legs, fish, and other seafood items cooked in different ways, from grilled to boiled, that can be served in large platters. Confirmed RSVP Event

The Hogg Mine

Hogg Mine

Time to DIG IN! Joins us at The Hogg Mine to dig at the mining site for Aquamarine, Beryl, Rose Quartz, and Tourmaline. Hogg Mine is more a quarry than a mine. The owner Chris Painter takes a group to the location and shows you where to dig. Whatever you unearth is yours to keep. Located in LaGrange, GA this will be a quick road trip out of the city. Because of trespassers, the owner doesn’t disclose the exact location of the mine. Anyone interested in participating must meet at a nearby McDonald’s and follow him to the dig. Be aware that you will have to bring your own equipment. The owner recommends a pick, shovel, rake, rock hammer, sledge hammer, gloves, safety goggles and a few other items. Price: The cost of scheduled digs is $35 a day for each person over the age of 16.

Foodie Friday: Virgil's Gullah Kitchen and Bar

Virgil's Gullah Kitchen & Bar

Gullah Geechee people are descendants of Central and West African people who were enslaved together on the isolated sea and barrier islands-a stretch of the U.S. coastline that extends from southern North Carolina to Northern Florida.The result of the isolation they also preserved many African practices in their language, arts, crafts and especially the cuisine. All of our dishes are inspired by Virgil’s own Family Recipes and are thoughtfully prepared with pride. We are most known for our delectable rice dishes, which was passed down from our ancestors who were brought from rice producing Sierra Leone and surrounding countries. Virgil’s was created to provide a space to enjoy great food, amazing service, and an abundance of love, while helping to preserve the Gullah Geechee Culture. Confirmed RSVP Event. SPACE IS LIMITED.

Foodie Friday: Himalayan Kitchen

Himalayan Kitchen

Himalayan Kitchen is restaurant serving true Tibetan food in metro Atlanta. Tibet is bordered by China, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, and India, which means you’ll find similar dishes in each country. Among the first hints of the restaurant’s inspiration are the posters of Tibet’s majestic scenery, traditional endless knot symbols of Tibetan Buddhism, and Tibetan door curtains. The menu is largely based on the family recipes of Lama and chef Sonam Dhong Dhong. Like Lama, Dhong Dhong was born into a Tibetan refugee family in India and started cooking for the household as a child.

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