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At The Oxford Collective, we are on a mission to connect the incredible community of people in Oxfordshire with entrepreneurial spirit and we would love for you to join us. Our event is open to enterpreneurs, small business owners, sole traders and freelancers who are looking to join our community.

On Wednesday 13th June, at TAP Social Movement, Oxford, we are hosting our first ever Oxford Collective Networking Event.

If you have just cringed at the word networking, then don’t worry. We are right there with you. We’ve all been to stuffy networking events with warm wine, disjointed conversation and pockets full of scuffed business cards. We’re here to create an event that every 20-and-30-something freelancer and business owner in Oxford is excited to attend and tells their friends about.

Picture this: you arrive at TAP Social, on your own or with a friend, and you immediately relax. There is some great live music playing, someone hands you a drink and the sense of dread in your stomach dissipates. The open space and creative décor makes you smile, and you are greeted by two hosts who have researched your business and have some great ideas about who you should connect with. You check in with them, and they introduce you to someone who, it turns out, is working on a project that you find interesting, and they could use your help with. By the middle of the evening, you are chatting away like old friends.

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