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Gerald Heard's "The Five Ages of Man"
We will begin reading Gerald Heard's "The Five Ages of Man" Gerald Heard was a true master, not only did he air on the Television, Radio, and producing an abundance of writing, his work in Perennial philosophy allowed him to do so with a universal lens that is not seen in many authors of his day. The fearless approach was civil, yet unorthodox calm, but unabashed. We will begin his book and have a discussion about its meaning in context to our own growth and development. The format will be a brief introduction and some connection exercises to get our masculine energies up, then a moment of mindfulness prior to getting into the text. **NO need to bring the book, I will provide handout of what we are reading.**** It is very rich in context, so I encourage a pen, paper, and a cup of coffee. I have read it several times and done a one on one review already, so I will do my best to keep us grounded in the meaning the book presents. Close and talk about the following weeks meetup.

Highpointer Condominiums (Club House)

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