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Knit Happens

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Robert B.
Knit Happens


YHey! @Robertbarcelo [he/him] here!

When knit happens (get it?!?) it's sometimes great to get away from it all! Join other like minded folks for a little break.

While I knit (and crochet), I support anything you choose! All levels and interests (knitting, crochet, hell... bring all the crafts!) welcome. Bring your current projects or your speed bumps and together we'll help you get past them.

We'll spill the tea - well, no not literally, you know the furniture... in this casual welcome-to-all environment.

New to yarn work? No problem! I'll bring along a few supplies to get you started. Seasoned and running out of storage space? Bring your extra craft goods or tools for a potential swap.

I'd love to help support @knittherainbowinc ( with any left over supplies or unwanted finished projects... but let's brainstorm that together!

This is a new event so all the love you can spare is greatly appreciated! Share a like on Instagram @knithappensnyc or if this is not for you, share this meetup with a friend.

All are welcome. All ages, genders, orientations, etc. But please note, this is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ folks and their allies to relax and forget the hustle of the city for a bit.

When arriving, please check with the doorman and they'll point you in the right direction.

No charge or commitment but sure hope you can make it! Please reach out with any questions.

Knit Happens
Knit Happens
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625 W. 57th Ave. , · New York, NY
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