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Solidbrain Hololens Azure Xamarin Meetup

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Zapraszamy na pierwszą edycję spotkań dla entuzjastów nowych technologii.

W ciągu całego dnia zaplanowaliśmy kilka prezentacji. Chcemy przybliżyć Wam rozwiązania, z którymi pracujemy na co dzień. Będzie tez oczywiście okazja do networkingu w czasie przerw na kawę.

Tematy prezentacji znajdziecie poniżej:

(prezentacje prowadzone będą po polsku)

How can Xamarin help us produce native mobile apps more effectively?

Are you still not convinced by hybrid mobile apps? Building native iOS and Android versions sound costly and time-consuming?How about having the best mix from both of the above? I'll discuss when and why Xamain can help you in building apps your users will love. Faster than using Swift or Java.

Xamarin Forms vs Xamarin Native

Xamarin Native or Forms? Which one is a better choice when deciding the technology? When and why is Xamarin Forms faster? Is picking a right technology always a matter of preference? We will try to answer this and more questions with live coding fight between Forms and Native. Prepare for gun shots, explosions, lots of blood….and a bit of coding.

CI in mobile applications development

Over the years tools and techniques of continuous integration have settled in the server and desktop IT projects. They support the creation, testing and deployment increasing the productivity of development teams and entire organizations. Mobile software developers can and should benefit from them as well. On this presentation, you will find out that this is not a backbreaking task for you, as a Xamarin developer. You will learn how to design and implement the CI process in your team using popular tools like Visual Studio Online or HockeyApp.

Developing for Mixed Reality with HoloLens

Mixed Reality is not only thrilling for end users but also uncovers all new world of challenges and excitement for developers. Tools and libraries for holographic programming provided by Microsoft are intended to accelerate the process, especially for developers that haven’t been involved in 3D programming before. Visual Studio and Unity3D Editor enhanced with HoloLens emulator, and MixedRealityToolkit forms a powerful yet friendly environment for holographic development. Let’s explore them on stage and learn how basic development workflow looks like. Also, we’ll make use of MixedRealityToolkit’s scripts and components to put together a simple app that will bring some holograms around us to life!

Azure Cognitive Services in Mobile

Should we start to arm ourselves for the upcoming war with machines? Will they be able to read our intentions while turning them off? Are our emotions visible enough for even average devices? We will show you how easy it is to integrate cognitive capabilities in your Xamarin application and use them for free. With Azure Cognitive Services and its increasing powers, every small device with sufficient connection might be able to take over the world!


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