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So, my therapist keeps giving me shit about not putting myself out there but the problem is that I haven't found many activities I've been able to relate to.

What I’m hoping to accomplish is the creation of a fun and stimulating group for people of all ages (preferably over 18 and under 100) who struggle to get out of their own heads. For example, I have debated several times about whether or not to create this group because trying new things can be scary but let’s bite the bullet and be frightened together!

I've come across some great articles that I'd like each of our get-togethers to be centered around. An example of some of the titles I've come across so far include Revenge of the Introvert, 10 Life Lessons You Wont Learn in School, Use and Abuse of Optimism and Pessimism, How to Handle Toxic People, and What Your Stuff Says About You. I'll send you one or two of these articles in advance of our gatherings so you can be prepared to bring your own thoughts and feeling to the table if you feel comfortable in doing so. If you're not up to sharing that's ok too. I want this to be a stimulating, helpful and thought provoking experience for all!

The philosophy here is inclusiveness in a friendly and safe environment.

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Life Lessons You Won’t Learn in School - Discussion

Lincoln Center Public Plaza Atrium