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Ever stopped to think about what motivates everything you do? For me, as a child it was gaining Attention (Extrinsic motivation) and Self-Expression (Intrinsic motivation). However, as soon as I hit my teens the balance began to shift more and more towards the extrinsic need for female approval. Maybe it was media influence, but everything from my choice of attire, to hairstyle, school classes, career choice, the car I drove, nights out (boy were they unnecessarily stressful), my appartment and its decore, hobbies, bodyshape and diet, and even my friends were measured by the barometer of the female "Thumbs Up." If women didn't approve of my lifestyle, I would be deemed as unrefined, out of touch, and worthy of ridicule. Yes, I did gain a lot of female attention with my choices, but it was never enough. After, surpassing the peak of my physical health, strength and fitness, it dawned on me like a religious man who realises he can never do enough to please God - I HAVE BECOME A FEMALE WORSHIPER. With all the time I invested in the gym - why do I have no skills to be proud of? Why can't I create or make anything? Why do I waste so much time straightening my flat and looking at myself in the mirror like a bitch? Why am I dressed like a Ken doll? Why are my views more in line with my mother's than my father's? What happened to my hobbies and interests? Why am I in debt without so much as a business venture to show for it? Why have I never fought for a cause I believe in? When wilI I get to travel to experience and see what I want without comprimise? We only live once - yet all these opportunities to make a difference are wasted trying to impress women. The MGTOW community is the fastest growing male community in the world (Google or YouTube it). Unlike Pick up Artists, we recognize that chasing women for sex and approval is no different than a drug addict wasting his life chasing dealers. We seem to have surrendered our self-pride, self-discipline and sense of purpose to the trappings of instant gratification and ego. And as we side-step the homeless and the needy to buy that Fitbit Smart Watch with our credit cards, our need for female approval plays directly into the hands of consumerism. Not only are we worth more than this to society, we have a duty as men to shift our focus back to self-actualisation and the things that matter. I know I sound like Tyler Durden from Fight Club, but I have no intention of starting some anarchical fraternity. This is just an opportunity for men to get together and do the things that are on our bucket list without female influence. If you intend on coming to prove that you can pull chicks - the PUA path is more for you. But otherwise, all male members are welcome to suggest an event, activity or discussion topic. Please join me and tell a friend.

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