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What we’re about

We are a sisterhood of women speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs.
Let’s unite to discover a new way of community building – weaving our individual and group stories into the new story of women in business and leadership.

What: A Gathering of Conscious Women Speakers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Women Elevating Personal Lives so everything in their life is elevated in Sisterhood in a Supportive Community. We are all leaders, we all have influence and can inspire confidence in other people and move them to action.
Activities: Networking- Sessions in Mindset Shifts and Personal Growth - Wisdom Sharing, Meditations, Experiential Workshops, Coaching, Interactive process and Lots of Laughter, Hugs and Tears. You will also enjoy: * Interactive Speakers, Workshops in Business and Personal Growth. * Tools and Practices that will transform your business and personal growth.
* Sisterhood and Supportive Community with other like-minded women. *Wisdom Sharing Time - Walk away with new connections, leads, alliances and friendships. Tools that participants are able to continue to create their own transformation after leaving our gatherings and conferences. The experiences will be memorable and transformational.
Join us to be part of the ripple effect-- waves of practical change. Together, we will unleash the gifts of our collective wisdom.
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