What we're about

Our group is a gathering of peers joined together to provide information and support in sharing our experiences, feelings and coping strategies. We value and respect each others’ contributions. We help to make our meetings successful and productive by participating according to our capabilities, needs and interests.

The goal of the support group is to foster emotional support in particular between men, which has been stereotypically difficult, but can make a big difference for us. Our meetings are led by peer facilitators who share our experiences. They are not mental health professionals, experts or authorities.

You can come just to listen and don’t need to talk or share if you’re not comfortable. This meeting is confidential and a requirement for attendance is agreement that what’s said in the meeting stays in the meeting.

The meeting begins with a short introduction - who you are and what you’re currently dealing with. After, we will go into a structured share time where each person will have a few minutes to share in more detail what’s been going on for them. After sharing, the person whose turn it is can solicit feedback from other members or not depending on whether that’s what they want. We will distribute cards at the beginning of the meeting to add to a question bag to be read and discussed near the end of the meeting.

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